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Lynda Arcidiacono - Guitar and Lead Vocals:  For over 6 years Lynda has been a singer-songwriter tour de force in the Merrimack Valley and throughout New England.  Her sweet and soulful voice allows her to easily handle any vocal style from Aretha Franklin to Sheryl Crow and is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. Lynda has played the guitar for over 17 years and is a Berklee College of Music alumnist.  She has also worked on various projects with members of Shoeless Joe, Mugsy, Blind By Noon, Bionic, The B Street Bombers and has recently released her first solo CD "Enjoy The Ride".  Lynda also teaches vocal, piano and guitar lessons at her studio Free Spirit Music, in Groveland, MA.

Jimmy Bass - Guitar, Bass, Vocals: Jimmy has been a professional guitarist most of his life, traveling extensively all over the country. Many of those years were spent as a member of THE B STREET BOMBERS!! and the 70's style funk band M'taboo. His technique and soloing ability is unmatched anywhere in the New England area. Jimmy's influences vary but states that Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton stand out as some of his favorites.

Mike Casey - Drums, Vocals: There is no doubt that Mike can lay down a beat that will keep you dancing for hours. He is a Berklee College of Music alumnist as well as formerly being a member of the band THE B STREET BOMBERS!!. Mike is not only a top notch drummer but an accomplished vocalist. If you listen closely you will hear Buddy Rich, John Bonham and of course Mike's favorite Ringo Starr, all rolled up in his playing style.

Hunna Hatem - Keyboards, Lead Vocals: If you have followed the band THE B STREET BOMBERS!! at all then you will recognize this former member. His piano skills are known all over the region and there is none better.  On top of his keyboard abilities Hunna is an accomplished vocalist and showman.  You are guaranteed a great show when Hunna takes to the mic. If Hunna were to pick some of his favorites they would be Elvis, and of course The Beatles.

Angelo Mullen - Bass and Vocals: If there was a who's who list of New England bass players Angelo would be at the top of the list.  His funky grooves and smooth styles are known throughout the area as a member of Fatback, The Wicked Big Band and also with members of Mama Kicks. Some of Angelo's influences Earth, Wind and Fire and Frank Zappa.

Russ Ryan - Trumpet, Percussion: Russ gives RCB a little jazzy flavor.  His soloing and arrangements are well known especially as a member of THE B STREET BOMBERS!!  He graduated from the Berklee College of Music as a performance major and is a highly respected jazz teacher and clinician.  Russ currently teaches at various high schools throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Some of Russ' favorites are Miles Davis and Oscar Peterson.

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